Aviatrix play online

Aviatrix is an innovative game from the developer of the same name, which combines elements of aviation and mechanics of the already favorite crash games. During the gameplay, players make one or more bets and watch the airplane take off. However, at the most unpredictable moment, the airplane may crash. The main goal of the game is to correctly anticipate this moment and secure your winnings before the plane crashes. Gameplay in Aviatrix crash will not leave anyone indifferent. Here everyone has an excellent chance to win.

How to play Aviatrix

Playing Aviatrix is very simple. The gameplay is maximum simple and easy to understand for everyone. How to start playing?

  1. Go to the game and specify the amount you want to bet.
  2. Then after selecting the bet, start the game. To do this, you need to press “Play”.
  3. Follow the movement of the airplane online., When flying the coefficient increases, and thus your potential winnings become higher.
  4. To collect your winnings, click on the appropriate button. The most important thing is to do it before the plane crashes.
  5. If you managed to take your winnings before the plane crashes – you have won. If not, your bet will be burned.

In Aviatrix, it is strategy and intuition that play a key role. There is risk in every round. However, the greater the risk, the greater the reward.

Bonus system at Aviatrix

Aviatrix focuses on gameplay, without an overabundance of bonus elements. The main addition to the standard game mode is the build mode, where players are able to customize and modify their NFT aircraft, giving it a personalized character. Also present is an experience point system that tracks player progress and achievements in the game. This system allows players to gauge their growth and compare their skills with other participants.


In the Aviatrix game, players have a unique opportunity to participate in daily tournaments with customized aircraft. Participants wishing to take part must meet two basic conditions:

  • Make a bet using a customized aircraft.
  • Take into account the rewards you have already received.

Winners are determined every day. Players who actively play and place bets have the best chance of winning. The size of the award is directly related to the game experience. Thus, the more experience a player has, the bigger his reward can become.


The tabs available in the leaderboard are “Leaders” and “Wins”. On the “Leaders” tab, players can view the top participants by different time periods: day, week, month and all time. This gives an idea of the most active and successful players. The “Winnings” tab shows the amounts that players have won during a certain period. Given the award information, players can estimate Aviatrix’s potential winnings based on their activity and bets with customized planes.

Game settings

This section allows players to customize the game to their liking. Here, parameters such as graphics, controls and sound can be changed. These settings will help to create an optimal gaming experience for each user, taking into account their preferences and the technical capabilities of their device.

Build your own airplane

You can choose the basic features as well as many additional details and embellishments. The color palette will allow you to make your aircraft recognizable and unique. In addition to the appearance, a customization option is available to improve the performance of your aircraft in different game conditions. This tool will help you not only to stand out among other players, but also to gain an advantage in competitions.

Aviatrix play for money

Aviatrix offers two modes of play: demo mode for those who want to familiarize themselves with the game without financial risks, and real money mode for those who are looking for excitement and big wins. Pinup Casino gives you the opportunity to try out both of these modes, guaranteeing the integrity and reliability of the game. This casino is deservedly considered one of the best on the market, providing excellent conditions for a pleasant pastime.

Pin Up Login and Registration

To start playing Aviatrix game, the first thing you need to do is to create an account at Pin Up Casino. The registration process is simple: go to the official site, find the “Register” button, where you will have to fill in a few fields – basic information about yourself, such as email address and password. After that, check your email and confirm your registration using the link. Once you have completed these steps, you will be able to log into your account using the username and password specified during registration and start playing.

Download Aviatrix

To enjoy Aviatrix on your smartphone, we recommend downloading the official 1WIN casino app. This app is optimized for mobile devices and provides a smooth gaming experience. By installing the app, you will have comfortable and fast access to play anytime and anywhere, regardless of your internet connection. Simply click on the button below to start downloading and immerse yourself in the world of Aviatrix.

Aviatrix game reviews

Aviatrix game has received a lot of positive feedback from players. Many note the exciting gameplay, high quality graphics and interesting bonuses. Its unique theme and intuitive interface make it attractive to a wide range of players. In a short time Aviatrix has become one of the most popular games at 1WIN casino.

Where to play Aviatrix?

Aviatrix game can be enjoyed at 1WIN online casino, known for its quality service and wide range of games. This casino is recognized by many players for its high level of service, fast payouts and professional customer support. In addition, the casino regularly pleases its users with a variety of bonuses, promotions and special offers, which allows players to get the maximum pleasure from the gaming process.


What is Aviatrix?

Aviatrix is an exciting crash game available at 1WIN Casino.

What game modes are available in Aviatrix?

There are two modes available: demo and real money play.

Where can I play Aviatrix?

Aviatrix is offered on the 1WIN casino platform, known for its quality service and bonuses.

How do I get started playing Aviatrix for real money?

To get started, you need to register and log in to your account on the Pin Up Casino website.

Can I play Aviatrix on my smartphone?

Yes, you can use the mobile version or download the app to do so.

What are the player reviews of Aviatrix?

Player reviews are positive, emphasizing interesting gameplay and quality performance.

What bonuses does 1WIN Casino offer when playing Aviatrix?

Pin Up Casino regularly offers various bonuses, promotions and promo codes for its players.

How is the registration process at 1WIN Casino?

Go to the official casino website, click Register and follow the on-screen instructions.

Is there an option to customize the gameplay at Aviatrix?

Yes, the game offers various customization options to tailor the gameplay to the player’s preferences.

What are the features of the crash game Aviatrix?

Aviatrix features an aviation theme, interesting power-ups and high-quality graphics.